Kidney diseases, urinary incontinence, urolithiasis, erectile dysfunction, male infertility or cancer of the prostate or bladder, are some of the diseases treated by the Urology Service at Asuncion Klinika.


For this, there are more precise diagnostic tests and more efficient medical-surgical treatments, such as MRI scans, scanning, bladder and testicular renal biopsy, prostate and bladder surgery, renal surgery, lithiasis surgery, male incontinence prosthetic surgery, minor urological surgery, phimosis or vasectomies.


Hernáez Manrique, Ignacio

Mendibil Dacal, Jesús - Jefe del Servicio

Sánchez Iturria, Dámaso


  • Consultations

  • Hospitalisation

  • Cystoscopy

  • Ureteroscopy

  • Ureteral catheterisation

  • Percutaneous nephrostomy

  • Echo directed prostate biopsy

  • Bladder and testicular renal biopsy

  • Urodynamics

  • Prostate and bladder surgery

  • Kidney surgery

  • Lithiasis surgery 

  • Inter-hospital consultations

  • Male incontinence prosthetic surgery

  • Family planning surgery

  • Minor urological surgery


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